Meanwhile in Neighboring New Jersey


Thrilled to join Governor Christie today and Josh Pruzansky at a back to school event to announce that the Secure Schools For All Children Act has been signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. Your assistance with this initiative throughout the year has been essential in establishing a higher profile for this issue among our State Legislators who voted unanimously to pass this bill back in June.

Teach NJS leaders determined that ensuring the safety of our children at school would be the main focus of our advocacy this past year. With the ever-increasing risk of terrorism, we wanted to ensure significant security funding for NJ non-public school students. Recall that last year we advocated for, and received, state funding for security for the first time. Now it is the law in the State of New Jersey that security aid for non public school students will be funded annually.

This is a historic achievement that came about as a result of our collective and intense efforts. Thank you to Nathan J. Lindenbaum Cheryl 'Weiner' Rosenberg Mort Fridman Sam Moed Jacob Bagley Eric Fremet, Jonathan Gellis Yehuda Blinder and our over 20 partner schools.

Join us at to help us keep this fight going.

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